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JabberAfrica to get Africa\'s \'digital liberation\' moving

By   |  February 29, 2004

Bruce Cohen, founder of South Afric\’a\’s newest Jabber server says open source software has a powerful role to play in the developing world and can be equated to a \”digital liberation\” movement. Cohen says that the launch of a local Jabber server – at – is aimed at assisting local developers to participate in the open source community as well as reward and fuel innovation.

\”We want to help SA developers contribute to the open source movement in a meaningful way, and fuel innovation in this arena.\” The Jabber Africa Foundation will also provide advice and support to organisations wishing to introduce XMPP and other open source services.

The JabberAfrica server provides real-time/instant messaging (IM) service as well as supporting real-time messaging over GPRS. Through the JabberArica website users can register a Jabber ID and comunicate both with other JabberAfrica users as well as with Jabber users worlwide.

Cohen says Jabber is one of the fastest growing instant messaging platforms in the world with many millions of users. Unlike IM services provided by

Microsoft, AOL and others, the Jabber messaging protocol, called XMPP, is freely available and allows developers to enhance and customise the


Cohen, says the open source movement is gaining irresistible momentum and is being spurred on by a growing global network of developers and organisations – including the South African Government – determined to democratise the software environment, reduce access and operational costs, and unshackle users from companies like Microsoft.

\”The open source model has a powerful role to play in developing countries, and can be equated to a \’digital liberation movementâ\’â„¢, empowering people to gain low-cost access to world-class programmes and take control of their software future by participating in the development process and networking with other programmers in the North and South,\” says Cohen.

He says XMPP, Jabber\’s set of streaming XML and presence-detection protocols, is a key building block of an open source world. The protocol

has been submitted to the IETF, the Internet standards body, and is likely to power many of the emerging always-on/real-time Internet

services such as whiteboarding, collaborative editing and others.

\”XMPP is a powerful bearer of real-time, multi-platform messaging and multimedia services, and we will be demoing these on an ongoing basis,

along with some of the best Open Source tools in other areas such as e-mail, blogging and community services.

The Jabber Software Foundation (JSF) is a non-profit organisation that builds open application protocols on top of the IETF\’s Extensible

Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).


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  1. Raimond
    March 29th, 2004 @ 12:00 am

    I just find myself objecting to the promotion of the South African gateway as the main African internet and developer community. Perhaps JabberAfrica would be kind enough to rebrand as JabberSAfrica ?

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