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Novell speaks out on SCO case

By   |  March 8, 2004

Late last week Novell issued a public statement on SCO saying Novell remains confident in its position regardings its current court battle with SCO. In its statement Novell said:

SCO\’s recent lawsuit against Novell illustrates that SCO\’s campaign against enterprise adoption of Linux is foundering. It seems that litigation has now become SCO\’s principal line of business and they have become deeply mired in the legal process. As a result of this latest SCO action, Novell finds itself in good company with IBM and Red Hat, both of whom are also in litigation with SCO. This matter is now in the courts, as such we will only comment that Novell is highly confident of its position and intends to vigorously defend the lawsuit. In the meantime, we will continue to pursue our Linux initiatives and serve and indemnify the needs of our customers. It is not up to us to assume the role of the court by stating outcomes or making predictions.

Regarding United Linux:

UnitedLinux no longer provides value to us because SCO has refused to leave the group. We will continue to honor our commitments to customers under UnitedLinux, but we are no longer proactive within the group.


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