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Dell laptops include Linux

By   |  August 15, 2008

Dell yesterday announced a brand new range of laptops ranging from ultra-portables to high-end desktop replacement machines.

The really interesting news for Linux fans, however, was Dell’s new “Latitude ON” system which allows for almost instant-on booting when you want to check an email or something on the Internet without booting the entire operating system.

Although Dell didn’t overplay ON, CrunchGear has a few more details:

“By using a secondary processor with its own Linux based OS, the primary CPU is bypassed for instant access to a variety of functions. Think BlackBerry style. Contacts, calendar, email – that kind of stuff – opened up directly on your laptop without firing up the whole system. The dedicated sub-system should also preserve battery life by avoiding the power drain of larger applications.”

Latitude ON will only be available on the E4200 and E4300 laptops for now. The E4200 is a 12.1-inch ultra-portable laptop that weighs in at just 1kg. The bigger E4300 is 0.5kg heavier and has a 13.3-inch screen.


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