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Novell open sources iFolder

By   |  March 24, 2004

Boosting its involvement in the open source community, Novell today announced the iFolder open source project, a project that will be the basis for the next enterprise version of Novell iFolder and other future collaboration products. The project consists of three code branches: Simias (the core

synchronisation engine and data store on which Novell iFolder is based), an address book (which iFolder uses when sharing iFolder accounts), and iFolder (which consumes both Simias and the address book).

The iFolder code will be available uner the GNU General Public License (GPL), with Novell maintaining code copyrights in order to be able to distribute future products based on this code under traditional Novell commercial licenses.

Stafford Masie, MD for Novell SA, says that by creating the iFolder open source project \”Novell is making available code for an extremely valuable and beneficial piece of software, and we trust the community will enhance and improve it to the benefit of everyone: users, developers and even

other vendors. The open source availability of iFolder will help meet a wide-ranging, critical need for storage, file access and backup for individuals and organisations of all sizes.\”

iFolder is a secure storage solution that allows users to back up, access and manage personal files at any time, from anywhere. Users save files locally, and iFolder automatically copies and updates the files to any other machines the user designates. For example, a user saves a file at the office and its automatically copied to his or her home computer via iFolder. All files are kept up to date on all the machines that person uses. N

This version of iFolder is being developed using the Mono framework, a community project to develop an open source version of the Microsoft .NET development platform. iFolder will also include client- and server-side application programming interfaces (API) to enable integration with other

applications. The iFolder open source project is hosted on Novell Forge.

For details on the iFolder open source project, see


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