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Distro flood ahead

By   |  August 26, 2008

With October just over a month away Linux fans can look forward to a sudden flurry of releases from the major Linux distributors.

Last week already OpenSuse announced a second alpha of OpenSuse 11.1 and Mandriva released a second beta for its 2009 release. And the fifth alpha of Ubuntu 8.10, or Intrepid Ibex, is expected out on September 4. And more beta releases are already in the pipeline as Ubuntu plans to release Intrepid Ibex in October. Also scheduled for release in October are Fedora 10 and Mandriva 9. A little later on the year OpenSuse 11.1 is due out in December.

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

The major focus of Ubuntu 8.10 is mobility as the market for ultra-portable, always-on machines heats up. With this in mind some of the key areas for Intrepid Ibex will be faster boot times and much-improved 3G connection support.

Intrepid Ibex will likely ship with network-manager 0.7 which already includes support for CDMA and GSM connections, using PPP behind the scenes. The plan is to “assemble a list of frequently used hardware and 3G providers in the markets with the highest 3G penetration”, and add those in as standard profiles and to fix connection issues before final release.

Fedora 10

Highlights of the Fedora 10 release include a new graphical boot environment, wireless connection sharing, better audio support, and a much-improved security auditing tool. RPM 4.6 has also been included in current alpha releases and will be standard in the final release due out in October.

Mandriva 2009

Mandriva’s 2009 release is also due out in October and, judging by current pre-releases, will ship with at least KDE 4.1. The beta 2 release made available last week ships with Firefox 3, 3.0 beta, and support for the ethernet adapter used in many new EEE machines. Like Ubuntu Mandriva looks to be putting a lot of emphasis on mobility with this release and initial reports suggest that Mandriva runs excellently on Netbooks such the Asus EEE.

OpenSuse 11.1

The OpenSuse project also released its 11.1 alpha 2 last week. OpenSuse 11.1 final is only due out in December this year but already reports suggest that the final version will include Linux kernel 2.6.27, KDE 4.1.1, KDE 3.5.10, Gnome 2.24 and 3.0.


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