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World's smallest Linux PC?

By   |  August 27, 2008

Just when you thought PCs couldn’t get much smaller along comes the SpaceCube, one of the world’s smallest Linux PCs. The SpaceCube is the size of an apple (the eating variety) but packs a full set of ports and runs a version of Red Hat Linux. The guys over at PCPro have got their hands on one:

Two sides contain the majority of the ports and sockets that adorn the Cube. A single USB port can easily be used for a hub – instantly adding three or four ports for a keyboard, mouse and more. There’s a VGA output for connecting a monitor, and even a D-SUB RS232 input. And that’s not all. An Ethernet pThe Space Cube with an appleort allows for internet access, and a pair of jacks cater for speakers and headphones – proving that there’s room for a few creature comforts amid the sheer functionality of this remarkable little PC.

Smaller than a coffee mug the biggest thing you’ll have to worry about with the SpaceCube is losing it on your desk under all the papers. Check it out at PCPro.



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