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Debian releases Lenny Live beta

By   |  August 28, 2008

With the latest version of Debian, named Lenny, due to be released in early September, the Debian Live CD team yesterday announced the release of Lenny Live beta 1.

The team said that although it had “missed releasing images for Etch along with the installer images, we are now prepared to release live images within the regular Lenny release process. This is the first official release of Debian Live and the whole team has been working hard during the past 2.5 years to make Debian’s own live systems become a reality”.

The Lenny Live beta CD image can be donwloaded from here.

The Live team said that the “build process of Debian Live basically consists of creating a Debian chroot, installing one or more kernels along with live-initramfs (a set of hooks into initramfs-tools for handling booting from read-only
media) and generating a bootable image from that.

“This process is handled by live-helper, a collection of shell scripts that allow us to automate and customize this process.”

The team said that it took considerable care in this process to ensure that the Lenny Live image released “really is Debian, and not ‘just another’ Debian-based live system”.

The Lenny Live images are available in three flavours at this point: A Gnome, KDE or Xfce-based setup. Therre is also a standard version which ships without a graphical interface.

Lenny Live is also available for a range of boot media including CD/DVD, USB sticks or other HD-media-like device, tarballs for PXE netboot as well as a bare squashfs image to boot directly from the web.


One Response to “Debian releases Lenny Live beta”

  1. Daeng Bo
    August 29th, 2008 @ 7:14 am

    Except that the Gnome live “CD” is 733MB. I hope they notice that soon.

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