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Virtualisation boost with Xen 3.3

By   |  August 28, 2008, the home of the open source Xen project, has announced the release of the Xen 3.3 engine, the latest version of the virtualisation software.

The release is now available for download from the community site.

The development team says that Xen 3.3 is faster and more scalable than previous versions of the hypervisor and that version 3.3 now has better graphics capabilities.Xen 3.3 also adds support for more type of chipsets, ranging from supercomputers to handheld devices.

Some of the changes in Xen 3.3 include better power management in the hypervisor, HVM emulation domains for scalability, PVGrub which can boot PV kernels using real GRUB inside the PV domain and full x86 real-mode emulation for HVM guests on Intel VT.

Xen was first released in 2005 and since its launch has claimed a market share of almost a fifth of all virtualised servers according to analysts Yankee Group.

Xen’s strength, in part, comes from its strong backers which include the likes of Fujitsu Siemens, IBM, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Oracle uses Xen as part of its Oracle VM and Sun integrates Xen code in its commercial xVM Server and OpenSolaris products.

“Xen has become an open source industry standard for virtualisation because it leads the industry in performance and support for leading server and PC systems,” said Ian Pratt, creator of Xen and founder of


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