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Intel's Linux, solid state speedup

By   |  August 29, 2008

Morning roundup: Solid state drives are in the news right now and IBM has not only pushed the speed barriers for these small devices but is also testing a 4 terabyte SSD. On the Linux front, Intel has bought a Linux distributor and Novell’s Linux revenues jump 30% this quarter. And finally (so to speak) Bloomberg accidentally killed Steve Jobs this week.

Solid speed

Solid state flash memory is getting a lot of attention of late and yesterday IBM announced it had successfully tested a SSD doing more than 1 million input/output operations per second, two and a half times faster than the industry’s fastest disk storage. IBM achieved this with its new project Quicksilver, announced yesterday, which combines solid-state flash memory with IBM’s storage virtualisation technology. “Quicksilver improved performance by 250% at less than 1/20th the response time, took up 1/5th the floor space and required only 55% of the power and cooling,” IBM says.

And in related news IBM also yesterday said it was busy testing a 4-terabyte high-speed solid state drive array targeted at enterprise users.

Intel’s Linux buy

Processor heavyweight Intel has bought a UK-based Linux distribution maker. Poky Linux and Matchbox developer OpenedHand announced that it has been acquired by Intel and that the embedded Linux services team will join the Intel Open Source Technology Center, and will focus on Moblin development for mobile Internet devices and other mobile devices.

Linux buoys Novell

Novell beat Wall Street’s estimates with solid third quarter results this week but the real story is in its continued Linux growth. Novell’s Linux revenue soared 30 percent, year over year, to $31 million for the quarter.

Bloomberg kills Steve Jobs

Financial newswire Bloomberg killed Apple chief Steve Jobs for a brief while this week. The publisher was apparently updating its pre-prepared obituary of the Apple founder when it was accidentally published. The obituary was pulled shortly afterwards but Gawker has a copy of the glowing report of The Man.



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