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WebERP gives small and medium businesses a head start

By   |  April 5, 2004

DataForce Solutions has released a South African version of the open source accounting software WebERP. This software has been developed to assist young entrepreneurs and other small and growing businesses, in the industrial sector, in particular, to manage their accounting processes, utilising high level management options. These features are normally only available to big organizations at high prices, and generally unaffordable to the smaller operators in the market.

WebERP\’s multi user interface will allow companies, which incorporate manufacturing processes as part of their business, to track the process costs. Inventory control, warehousing, manufacturing, supplier and client management are also included with the package. Danie Brink of DataForce solutions says he is \”confident that WebERP, with the support of DataForce Solutions, will help entrepreneurs compete on equal footing with their larger rivals.

\”At a time when SARS and current commercial tax laws are forcing companies to review their current accounting systems. WebERP would not only provide the optimum solutions but also with the support of a company of the caliber of DataForce Solutions you could obtain the edge over your competitors.\”

Brink says the Dataforce offers a complete WebERP package for around R11 000 which includes support and full installation of the sever PC, the operating system, accounting software, completion of company configuration, a set of manuals, two days training and a two year phone support contract. \”Customers also receive a complete graphics user

environment with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, desktop publishing and graphics editing software, as well as email – and file server. In addition, more than 2000 additional applications are available on the distribution CD\’s, which would also be included.\”

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