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OSS meets NGOs

By   |  April 5, 2004

Twofoxes, a South African company, laast week announced the release of NGO-in-a-box, the second in its series of open source starter packs. The company says the Open Source construction kits, which can either be downloaded from the website or ordered, contain all the software required for an NGO\’s operation.

Dror Eyal, founder of Twofoxe, says the collections are the starting points for companies wanting to shift to, or start running an Open Source solution. \”You will obviously want to tailor them and/or add various bits and pieces to them as per your specific needs. However these kits are the basic building blocks to get you started putting together your Open Source NGO.\”

Twofoxes started more than three years ago as an Open Source hosting solution offering hosted Open Source portal software and has grown into a fully fledged Open Source solution provider with representatives in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Eyal says the company\’s core philosophy is that Open Source can be used to lower startup costs and should be used as a business tool.

NGO-in-a-box is a construction kit containing applications and reference documents to enable the creation of an NGO office and network using cheap or dicarded PCs. This construction kit was based on the Grass Roots Organizing ( case study and modified for a South African context. Included in the package are operating systems, office word processing and spreadsheet tools, communication software, browsers, portal management and content management systems. The components which make up the construction kit can be downloaded directly from the site for free, or you can order the CDs for R350 which includes post and packaging.

The first collection in the series, Classroom-in-a-box contained Open Source pplications and reference documents to enable the creation of a computer lab for schools.

For more information on the in-a-box series contact or



One Response to “OSS meets NGOs”

  1. gunner
    April 11th, 2004 @ 12:00 am

    The Tactical Technology Collective in Amsterdam has been distributing an \”NGO-in-a-Box\” for almost a year now.

    The TTC NGO-in-a-Box offers a set of reviewed and peer selected free and open source software, providing NGO’s not only with the software, but also with implementation scenarios and relevant materials to support this. Its aim is to increase the accessibility of F/OSS to non-profits in developing and transition countries. The box is targeted at those implementers working with small and medium scale NGO’s, IT intermediaries (eRiders, consultants, trainers, technical support), system administrators of non-profits, and self-taught specialists helping civil society organizations on a voluntary basis.

    For more information, see

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