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Ugandan learners look forward to Linux

By   |  June 19, 2004

Linux Solutions, a Uganda-based FOSS (free and open source software) support company has joined forces with SchoolNet Uganda to build capacity to provide schools in the country with Linux-based thin-client solutions.

Daniel Kakinda, excutive director of Schoolnet Uganda, says \”SchoolNet Uganda and Linux Solutions, after very intensive work and time … have made a breakthrough and developed internal local capacity to set up Linux-based thin-client school computer labs.\”

Kakinda says the \”thin-client model is an alternative to the traditional approach of expensive workstations. Under a traditional (fat-client) model, applications run on

the individual workstations and the network servers are used only for file storage. Under a thin-client model, the applications run on a network server and the local clients (workstations) are used only to provide a keyboard, mouse and display.\” He says that typically computers are rendered obsolete by low processing power and lack storage space. \”Thin-clients have no hard disks so their their processing speed and RAM are irrelevant.\”

Kakinda says they have deicided to go with the Linux thin-client solution because it holds number of advantage. \”Benefits are going to be achieved in terms of revival of obsolete

hardware, lower running costs of the hardware and the easier maintenance of software.

\”Thin-client is our perfect solution for rural schools roll-out\” he says.

The thin-client project is based on SkoleLinux and plans are underway to integrate the DireqCafe application developed by DireqLearn as a way of adding a timing functionality to the system. This will allow the schools to manage the time spent on the computer by each student.


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