porn - javhd - hentai 1.1.2 adds font autopilot

By   |  June 19, 2004

The team yesterday announced the release of Hakone, the code name for version 1.1.2 of the very populart open source software office application suite. This new version, which follows less than three months after version 1.1.1 boasts better support for dBase files, improved languiage capabilities as well as introducing the the Font OOo Autopilot. 1.1.2 is is available on the Windows (98/ME/NT/2000/XP), GNU/Linux (X86 and PowerPC) and Solaris (SPARC and X86) platforms.

In addition to English, builds for Czech, Danish, French, German, Japanese and Slovak are immediately available with other localisations following shortly.

The FontOOo Autopilot feature, which debuts in this release, downloads and installs fonts from a range of different sources.

Other improvements include better support for dBase database files, additional language support, and improved XML export facilities.

The suite, according to the terms of its open source licenses (LGPL and SISSL), is free for all to use, improve, modify, and to redistribute to anyone.

The suite and it\’s source code can be downloaded from or obtained from one of the CD-ROM distributors listed at


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