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Mono 1.0 is multi-dimensional

By   |  July 2, 2004

Novell this week announced the availability of Mono 1.0, an open source development platform based on the .NET framework that allows software developers to build Linux and cross-platform applications. A community initiative sponsored by Novell, the Mono project makes it easier to build and develop applications on Linux and other platforms, allowing developers to get software to market faster and more cost effectively.

“Even as Linux grows on enterprise desktops, developing applications for the Linux desktop has been challenging because existing tools were extremely technical and complex,” said Miguel de Icaza, Novell vice president of development and founder of the Mono project. “Mono is an extremely usable, commercial-grade development platform for Linux desktops and servers with a complete set of tools and APIs. It\’s based on published standards and proven programming languages and libraries, and Mono\’s cross-platform capabilities also extend to applications for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS X and other flavors of UNIX.”

Mono includes a C+ compiler, a .NET-compatible runtime and two stacks of application programming interfaces (API) – a Mono stack that takes advantage of Linux servers and desktops, and a set of APIs

compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 that provides support for ASP.NET, ADO.NET and several other components.

To further aid software developers, a new Web site – – has been launched with tools, resources, project roadmaps and detailed information about Mono.

Novell said that with hundreds of developers around the world contributing to Mono, it is a recommended platform for building desktop applications on the Linux operating system, and Novell is using Mono internally in the development of products including iFolder and ZENworks. Since the Mono Beta 1 was released on 4 May, more than 50 000 copies of the software have been downloaded.

Mono 1.0 incorporates key .NET-compliant components such as a C+ compiler and a portable execution system that includes just-in-time (JIT) and pre-compilation support. In addition, the Mono project provides:

An advanced development environment for writing Linux applications; comprehensive APIs for delivering rich client, Web services and server-side applications; cross-platform deployment capabilities, supporting Linux, Sun Solaris, Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows NT/XP and various other UNIX systems on a variety of architectures; highly effective tools that facilitate the creation of product APIs and software development kits (SDK) that are language independent across multiple operating systems; the cross-platform Gtk GUI programming library that allows developers to target Linux, Windows and MacOS X with a single code base from any of the Mono compatible programming languages; support for several languages such as VisualBasic, Python, JScript and Java. Through the open source project iKVM, Mono includes Java support, making the popular language an able vehicle for leveraging Mono technology.

Mono 1.0 is available for download at


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