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Free software on the streets

By   |  July 30, 2004

This August, Linux user groups (LUGs), companies, organisations and individuals from around South Africa will get together to celebrate free and open source software. Software Freedom Day, to be held this year on August 28, is the first in what is hoped will be an annual event aimed at increasing awareness about free software. The initial call to declare a software freedom day was started in the US and has since been taken by organisations around the world, including many throughout Africa.

In South Africa a local website has been established to publicise the day and events have been planned for shopping centres, universities and schools throughout the country. Because the day is designed to promote the use of free software most organisations taking part in the celebrations will be handing out free software and giving members of the public a chance to see what open source software is capable of. Many organisations will be handing out a copy of The OpenCD, a collection of free software that can be used on Microsoft Windows.

For users wanting to try out the Linux operating system organisations will also be handing out copies of Knoppix as well as other Linux distributions. The Shuttleworth Foundation has made more than a thousand CDs available to user groups around

the country to hand out on the day. The Shuttleworth-backed Go Open Source Campaign is also participating on the day.

For information on events that will be happening in your area on August 28 visit


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