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A website in minutes with Zimplit

By   |  September 29, 2008

Want a website that is easy to set up and just as easy to manage? Then take a look at Zimplit, a new open source web-building tool.

Zimplit runs on on Windows or Linux servers running Apache and PHP4.3 or better and the initial install is all of 33KB.

Running on a webserver, Zimplit prompts the user to create a username and password that are encrypted and stored on the site.

When the account is set up, users are given a toolbar with a range of options including the ability to change font styling, create and manage pages and insert and scale images and edit the HTML if you really need to.

All editing of the site is done directly on the site using Ajax controls. There is no backend that users need to log into to manage the system. The edited pages and any new pages created are saved directly onto the server.

Templates for the site can be downloaded from the Zimplit site and dragged into the Zimplit directory.

The Zimplit developers say that future releases of Zimplit will include features such as table support, forms and online gadgets. Zimplit also plans to offer a hosted version of the software so users can run their sites from Zimplit’s servers.

Zimplit is available as a beta from the Zimplit website.



2 Responses to “A website in minutes with Zimplit”

  1. Vadim P.
    September 29th, 2008 @ 2:48 pm

    That’s an interesting one. Personally, I was using WordPress for projects so far – because it has a lot of themes to choose from and offers a convenient “news” section. Kind of a mis-use of the blog software, but it works well :)

    (better than wiki’s at least)

  2. Alastair
    September 29th, 2008 @ 2:59 pm

    @Vadim P.:
    It really depends what you need. WordPress is fantastic for building reasonably complex and content-heavy sites (Tectonic for example :-) ) but if you just want a couple of static pages to advertise your business then Zimplit looks pretty cool to me.

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