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Email and Internet services in a box

By   |  August 27, 2004

South African company TSI yesterday announced the release of its e-Box solution. The single-box email and Internet services package also includes spam management and security features and the ability to switch between different connectivity options. TSI MD Michael Brunzlik says the company developed the e-Box in \”response to demand from the SME market sector for a solution that could address the need for e-mail and Internet connectivity, while also providing often overlooked security.\”

The e-Box is leased to clients on a monthly basis. All the required hardware and software are built in, and connectivity options such as dial-up, leased line, ISDN, ADSL, broadband wireless, GSM modem, satellite are configured according to business needs and to minimise costs.

\”We have a number of e-Boxes in operation and our users are fully satisfied,\” notes Brunzlik. \”The e-Box service as described here is available for under R1 000 a month, excluding connection costs.\”

Brunzlik says that since the open source-based e-Box is so cost-effective and requires no IT skills in the field, TSI has future plans for a network of previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs to enable technology-starved communities with Internet access and services.

He says the benefit of the packaged e-Box solution is that \”companies gain high-performance access to the Internet and e-mail with no capital expenditure, and pay a month-to-month rental for the service rather than spending on assets, a lengthy contract period and annual licensing fees. In addition, the solution is fully managed and maintained remotely,\” adds Brunzlik.

\”It has built-in smart technology to ensure next to no downtime. For example, should lightning strike, then we simply swap out the e-Box. The smart technology automatically reinstates your configuration without any need for IT skills on-site, thus restoring your work environment in the shortest possible time. We remotely administer and manage customer needs, such as adding and removing e-mail addresses; and remotely managing the infrastructure, such as updating security rules and patches. This improves availability, through a faster response.\”

Critical data is automatically backed up off-site to cater for failure or disaster, and the e-Box comes with a commercial-strength firewall that filters and potentially blocks unwanted incoming and outgoing traffic. The anti-virus software is automatically updated with the latest virus definitions every 12 hours.


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