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Wikipedia migrating to all-Ubuntu servers

By   |  October 10, 2008

Online user-created encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is in the process of migrating all of its 400 servers over to Ubuntu Linux. ComputerWorld reports that since its launch in 2001 Wikipedia has used a combination of Linux distributions as its network expanded. Now the organisation is in the process of consolidating its Linux investment.

The organisation began the migration in 2006 and over the next couple of months will finish moving them all to Ubuntu 8.04. Previously Wikipedia used a combination of Red Hat and Fedora servers.

“We had a mix of things: some Red Hat 9, some Fedora – several different versions,” said Brion Vibber, chief technology officer of the Wikipedia Foundation. Wikipedia previously used a a custom-scripted installation procedure, but found that having a multitude of versions was more difficult to maintain for its small five-person IT staff around the world, said Vibber.



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