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Free CrossOver offer downs servers

By   |  October 28, 2008

A one-day free CrossOver offer has brought the CodeWeavers’ website to its knees. The company was offering CrossOver, a commercial edition of the Wine platform which lets Linux and Mac users run Windows applications on their machine, for free for a single day. The platform is popular among users wanting to run desktop applications such as Microsoft Office on Linux or games without needing to maintain a dual-boot system.

The offer quickly hit all major news channels today and within a short space of time the CodeWeavers’ site was innaccessible. Late this afternoon (South African time) CodeWeavers’ had established a new, temporary site offering free licences and downloads. The site does warn, however, that receiving a licence key via email could take a couple of days because of the overwhelming demand.

Downloads of the software, however, were relatively quick considering the server load.

CrossOver normally costs around $40. The offer is available until midnight, central standard time (7am South African time).


2 Responses to “Free CrossOver offer downs servers”

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