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Best of 2008: The year's top posts

By   |  December 12, 2008

With just a couple of weeks to go until 2009 it seems an appropriate time to look back on the year that was. We dug through the archives and came up with the ten most popular posts on Tectonic over the past 12 months.

1 – Beyond the desktop with KDE4 (38 071 reads)

Sadly, this was one of the last things that our friend and fellow open source activist, Uwe Thiem, wrote before he passed away in July. A long-time open source advocate and a core KDE contributor, Uwe was a key figure in open source software in Africa. The debate may have moved on since Uwe wrote this in July, but his contribution is still valuable. It is fitting that his final contribution reached so many people.

2 – What to expect from Ubuntu 8.10 (34 731 reads)

By now most Ubuntu fans already know what Ubuntu 8.10 offers. But as one of the first predictions of what the developers were aiming for, this post sparked huge interest and, mostly, got it right.

3 – Install 3.0 on Ubuntu (34 091)

One of the big decisions developers made for Ubuntu 8.10 was to leave 3.0 out of the default install (see Ubuntu explains 3.0 decision below). This article preceded the release of 8.10 but is still proving popular as Ubuntu fans look for ways to get 3.0 running.

4 – South Africans don’t understand OSS – Microsoft (27 912 reads)

Microsoft’s done a great deal of work over the past year to assure open source fans that it is not in fact the evil empire. But every so often a Microsoft exec mouths off in frustration and the result is not pretty.

5 – Ubuntu releases ten lessons for the desktop (27 822 reads)

This goes back all the way to January of this year and a project by Ubuntu to give new users a helping hand with Ubuntu. It’s now a little outdated – it was written for Ubuntu 7.10 – but still worth checking out.

6 – Ubuntu explains 3.0 decision (24 867 reads)

Not including 3.0 in the default Ubuntu 8.10 release was one of the more controversial decisions of the year. This interview with Ubuntu’s Colin Watson shed some light on the reasons for that decision, and was met with a number of robust responses.

7 – Google funds Wine to improve Photoshop use (24 808 reads)

It sounds like just another story but clearly Photoshop is something that the open source world desperately wants to work on Linux. And so this news makes it into the top ten for 2008.

8 – Test drive 3.0 (19 086 reads)

Most users have already got there hands on 3.0 so this is a little dated, but before the open source office suite was actually released there was enormous speculation over exactly it would look like. This helped users get a first taste.

9 – Running Ubuntu on an Asus EEE 4G (17 597 reads)

Netbooks were the surprise hit of 2008. Almost out of nowhere these tiny wonders began to be the single biggest topic of discussion. Combine that with Ubuntu and you have a massively popular story.

10 – Five must-have apps for a new Linux install (17 520 reads)

At least the five apps you need if you run an … er … open source website. Nevertheless, this proved hugely popular and still has some pretty good tips.


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