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Go Open Source recruits freedom fighters

By   |  November 18, 2004

The Go Open Source campaign yesterday launched the open source Freedom League, an initiative aimed at boosting the number of computer users switching to open source software. Members of the Geek Freedom League who convert the largest number of users to open source software will be rewarded.

Freedom League \”troops\” will be issued with copies of open source software to use in their \”mission\” to convert friends, families and associates. \”Conversions\” and \”installs\” will need to be verified by the Go Open Source team and the top Freedom League members will stand a chance to win prizes sponsored by HP.

Freedom League members will be able to log their conversions and installs through the Go Open Source website.

New Freedom League fighters will be able to sign up for duty through the Go Open Source website. (Registration is not yet open – willing members can email their details through to the Go Open source team through the website if they can\’t wait).

\”The main aim of the Go Open Source campaign has been to bring open source software knowledge and awareness to organisations and everyday people that don\’t necessarily have a high-level of computer expertise, or understand the technical and economic benefits of open source,” said Lynette Chen, government and public affairs manager at HP South Africa, a founder member of Go Open Source.

\”Since open source software revolves around the community we realise that only through the participation of the community can we reach the end goal of creating an end-user public that understands what alternative programs and applications are available in the open source software realm,\” said Chen.

\”The Freedom League is one facet of our overall efforts to achieve a high level of awareness and will equip enthusiasts with the tools necessary to spread the open source message.\”

\”We believe community involvement is crucial in creating a brighter future for all. The Freedom League is an integral part of us raising awareness for open source software and creating a corporate and end user public that is empowered, through knowledge and experience, to make the right software decisions for themselves.\”


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