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Mass LPI certification reaches first target, extends dates

By   |  January 6, 2005

The registration date for the planned mass LPI certification scheduled for January this year has been extended to January 25. The certification day has also been moved to 25 February 2005.

Alan McKinnon, head trainer at Afribiz, which is spearheading the certification drive, says that they have already signed up the target 200 users and now hope to push for at least 250.

McKinnon says they plan to have more than 200 applicants sit the LPI (Linux Professional Institute) examinations on the say. Kin le Roux of Afribiz says the only other country that has attempted this before is China which did it last year. \”Obviously we would like to do even more than China did,\” says Le Roux.

Le Roux says that representatives of the LPI, based in Canada, have agreed to come out to South Africa if a minimum of 200 students sign up for the examinations. The examinations will be held on 25 February 2005. Sitting the exams costs R200 per student. Le Roux says R100 of this goes to the LPI and the other R100 to The Shuttleworth Foundation, the official LPI affiliates in South Africa, to manage the exam process which includes send the completed papers to Canada for marking.

McKinnon says they decided to postpone the certification day for a number of reasons including giving students more time to prepare. \”In mid-December Jason Hudson (from The Shuttleworth Foundation) raised some very valid concerns about holding the event on 21 January. In particular it would be extremely difficult to arrange everything over the Christmas break.

\”I also did a random survey and found that candidates also wanted more time to prepare themselves. Then Obsidian came on board and although they tried their best to inform their alumni getting them registered in three days was a tall order.

\”So we moved it out to 25 February which has suited everyone perfectly. This means that final registration moved to 25 January.\”

The good news is that McKinnon says they achieved their initial target of 200 registrations yesterday. But he says he still wants more and there is enough space to accommodate a lot more applicants.

Linux users that are eager to test their skills and gain a certification can contact Alan McKinnon at for more information or to sign up.


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