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Educational software goes into public beta

By   |  January 28, 2005

The Free Software Innovation Unit of the University of the Western Cape(UWC) today released a public beta of its KINKY application framework and KEWL.NextGen e-learning system. KINKY and KEWL are free software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The launch of the public beta of Kinky coincided with an Africa-wide developer workshop being hosted at the university.

KINKY is a framework built in PHP that can be used to build applications with a Web interface. KINKY is specifically designed with educational organisations in mind although it could be used well beyond this field. \”Work on a system for use in a local hospital has already begun using KINKY, so KINKY clearly has applicability beyond the field of e-learning,\” said project manager Melisse Benn.

\”This is an early beta release, and KEWL.NextGen is an ongoing project, with what we are able to show now being simply the base from which to proceed,\” said project leader Prof Derek Keats.

Speaking at the launch of the KEWL.NextGen Beta, the South African Minister of Science and Technology, Mosibudi Mangena said the importance of free and open source software is that it removes barriers to innovation. \”Through access to the source code, local entrepreneurs can build on the wider world\’s best and soundest technologies in software tools and platforms,\” he said.

The KINKY project can contacted on the web at The beta code is available at A test site for KEWL.NextGen can be found at


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