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Open source-based point of sales

By   |  February 21, 2005

A locally designed and developed point-of-sale and inventory management software system targeted at a broad spectrum of retail organisations has been launched by Singularity.

Called Positron, the system includes accounting, inventory tracking and control, sales and distribution centre functions as well as customisable business analysis and modelling features.

The system also includes a fully integrated video surveillance system.

Vuk Reder of Singularity says the Positron system is available as a complete solution with hardware, setup, training and
six months free support included in the package.

\”We are also able to integrate conventional business applications — such as a complete office suite with email and Internet access — into Positron as well as more specialised business systems such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and accounting packages,\” he says.

Specific hardware components, including scales, printers and barcode scanners, can also be accommodated.

\”Being open source software-based, Positron is more affordable than solutions linked to proprietary platforms,\” says Reder. \”This is particularly important for the small-to-medium-sized businesses, at which it is aimed.

\”It is also able to be customised and scaled more readily than proprietary options to suit specific business requirements and accommodate rapid growth within the organisation,\” he says.

Positron includes touch screen as well as till reporting and cash flow management functions, credit card processing
and operator and supervisor authentication. Other features include: transaction verification (through the video surveillance record), failsafe transaction recovery and the optional customer loyalty schemes.


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