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Firefox 3.1 to be Firefox 3.5

By   |  March 6, 2009

It’s no secret that the Firefox developers have had a hard time with Firefox 3.1. Now it looks likely that Firefox 3.1 will be released Firefox 3.5 to reflect the significance of the changes that have been made to the browser. In a Firefox delivery meeting yesterday a proposal was put forward that the name change be made official. The same proposal has surfaced a few times in recent developer discussions.

Shiretoko, as Firefox 3.1 is known, includes a number of new features that the developer team says makes it “feel like much more than a small, incremental improvement over Firefox 3”. Among these changes are TraceMonkey, tag and player support, improvements to user controls over data privacy, and significant changes to the web layout and rendering platform.

Under the proposal, Shiretoko will be released as Firefox 3.5 although the upcoming third beta will still be known as version 3.1b3. The fourth beta will be called 3.5b4.


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