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Linux heavyweights for LinuxWorld in SA

By   |  March 24, 2005

Exhibitions for Africa, organisers of the LinuxWorld show in South Africa, have secured a number of Linux heavyweights for the first staging of the show and conference in this country. These include the likes of Mark shuttleworth as well as Jon Maddog\” Hall.

The LinuxWorld show and conference will be held in conjunction with the Futurex show at the Sandton Convention Centre from 17 to 20 May 2005.

\”Starting with South Africa\’s own ICT success story, we\’ve managed to secure Mark Shuttleworth,\” says Aldean Prior, director of Futurex and LinuxWorld. Shuttleworth, the driving force behind initiatives like the Go Open Source campaign, the Shuttleworth Foundation non-profit organisation and Ubuntu Linux, will be presenting a keynote address during the show.

Shuttleworth is one of the most prominent figures driving the mass adoption of open source and Linux in the South African market, and has built more than one successful business using open source software. Prior says his keynote discussion will be invaluable to corporates considering the move to Linux, young entrepreneurs looking to harness all that open source has to offer, and software developers grappling with the changes Linux and open source are effecting in the worldwide markets.

\”And if that\’s not enough, Jon \’Maddog\’ Hall, director of Linux International and one of the most influential people in the Linux community will be having his say,\” says Prior. \”Maddog is well known for his support of the Linux movement and his efforts in bringing Linux to vendors new to the open source realm.\”

\”Werner Knoblich, director of Northern Europe at Red Hat, a Linux vendor that needs little introduction, will also be speaking at LinuxWorld,\” says Prior. \”Knoblich will be able to give corporates advice on their moves to Linux, where it is appropriate to deploy and where the majority of cost savings and performance gains are to be had,\” she says.

Rounding out the list of top speakers, Wim Coekaerts, of Oracle\’s corporate architecture development division, will be talking on the changes Linux has made to the company\’s go to market model. Known at the software company as \”Mr Linux\”, Coekaerts will also be talking about the benefits of using Linux for development purposes and why it has become Oracle\’s platform of choice.

\”Overall we\’re expecting an excellent turnout and a very positive response to the first iteration of LinuxWorld on South African shores. And with a start like this who knows where the conference will go in the years to come?\” says Prior.


One Response to “Linux heavyweights for LinuxWorld in SA”

  1. Bennie Kahler-Venter
    March 31st, 2005 @ 12:00 am

    I see Microsoft on the list of speakers, not sure what they are doing there

    Only 2 known heavyweights: Mark Shuttleworth and Jon Hall.

    Been involved myself with Linux on the net for about 11 odd years they are the only 2 involved with Linux directly, the others are less well known except maybe for the companies they work for.

    Hope to see a real local Linux community conference one day, not just focussing on business and having some technical depth too.

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