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Second LPI mass examinations at LinuxWorld

By   |  April 18, 2005

Following on from the highly successful mass-LPI examination fest which saw the qualification of 37 new level-one and three new level-two LPI graduates two months ago, Linux Holdings, the local LPI (Linux Professionals Institute) affiliates, and The Shuttleworth Foundation have announced that a second mass examination fest will take place at South Africa\’s first LinuxWorld conference, which will be held between the 17th and 18th of May 2005 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

Alan McKinnon, head trainer at Linux Holdings, says \”the awareness and interest we attracted with the last mass-examination fest, as well as the almost 50% pass mark achieved was the encouragement both ourselves
and the Shuttleworth Foundation needed to host a similar event.\”

\”With the number of open source and Linux interested parties attending LinuxWorld, the market couldn\’t hope for better timing or for a better venue than the conference itself to house the follow-up event,\” says Aldean Prior, managing director of LinuxWorld organisers, Exhibitions for Africa.

While McKinnon says the examination fest will be held in much the same manner as the previous event, he says that the main focus will be on raising the certification level of the recently qualified level-one graduates.

\”Where our last event mainly offered the level-one examinations to relative newcomers, this event will offer both the level-one and level-two examinations, allowing those that weren\’t successful at the previous event to have another try at their level-one certification and more importantly, allow those candidates that were successful to raise their certification to level-two,\” he says.

Both the level one and level two certifications consist of two examinations, namely LPI 101 and 102, and LPI 201 and 202 respectively. \”Level-one certification extends to solid grounding in basic administration while level-two certification extends into the realm of more complex, network centric Linux administration,\” McKinnon says.

\”We believe level-two skills are extremely valuable to the market and the experience level both corporates and resellers are in short supply of today. By hosting another 180 exams, and reducing the usual price for
these exams substantially, we believe we can create the skills the market needs in order to consider Linux as a viable option,\” he says.

Jason Hudson, Project Co-ordinator at the Shuttleworth Foundation says that together with Linux Holdings and the LPI, the roughly R1000 students could expect to pay for their level one and two examinations in the market has been reduced to R300 per examination. \”Since we\’re literally cutting costs to the bone for this event, there\’s a strong motivation for more of the capable Linux professionals in the market to become officially certified,\” he says.

McKinnon says that to register candidates must first visit and pre-register to get an LPI ID number. If they have previously received an LPI ID then they can re-use the same one. Once they have done that they can email alan at with their full names, LPI ID and which exams they want to write and at what time they prefer to write.

There will be three sessions on 18 May: at 10.30am, 1pm and 3.30pm.


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