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Business turns to Linux in economic downturn: survey

By   |  March 30, 2009

More than 50% of IT executives in a recent survey said that they were planning to accelerate Linux adoption in 2009. “As organisations fight to cut costs and find value in this tough economic climate, Linux adoption will accelerate,” said Michelle Beetar, country manager for Novell South Africa.

The survey, conducted by IDC and sponsored by Novell, found that 72% of respondents said that they were either actively evaluating or had already decided to increase their adoption of Linux on the server in 2009, with more than 68% making the same claim for the desktop. The study surveyed more than 300 senior IT executives spanning manufacturing, financial services, and retail industries across the globe, as well as government agencies.

Novell’s Suse Linux is already in widespread use in the South African government, which has an open source migration strategy.

According to the survey the number one motivation executives gave for migrating to Linux was economic and related to lowering ongoing support costs. As a consequence, more than 40 % of survey participants said they plan to deploy additional workloads on Linux over the next 12 to 24 months and 49% said Linux
would be their primary server platform within five years. Those who were hesitant to adopt Linux cited lack of application support and poor interoperability with Windows and other environments as their primary

“The feedback gleaned from this market survey confirms our belief that, as organisations fight to cut costs and find value in this tough economic climate, Linux adoption will accelerate,” said Beetar (pictured right). “Companies also told us that strengthening Linux application support, interoperability, virtualization capabilities and technical support will all fuel adoption even more.”

Other findings of the survey include:
– 67% said that interoperability and manageability between Linux and Windows was one of the most important factors when choosing an operating system;
– The retail industry showed the greatest potential for acceleration in Linux adoption with 63% of respondents planning an increase on the desktop and 69% considering the same on the server. The government sector lagged; and
– Nearly half of respondents said that moving to virtualization was accelerating their adoption of Linux. Eighty-eight percent of recipients plan to evaluate, deploy or increase their use of virtualization software within Linux operating systems over the next 12-24 months.

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