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Open source cluster computing on demand

By   |  May 6, 2009

Need a Linux cluster for an hour or two? Powua is a new cloud computing service that uses open source software to allow users to rent up to 64 CPUs for high-demand graphics rendering or scientific applications.

The Powua service is available to users using a credit system which allows them to buy a certain number of CPUs and hours in advance. The team behind the service says the advantage of such a system is that users “don’t need to buy expensive hardware, install, configure and maintain the software. With Powua you have direct control of fully configured machines, ready to process your data.”

Powua uses mainly open source software including Debian GNU/Linux as the operating system and applications such as Blender for 3D graphics processing and OpenMPI, a set of libraries for scientific computing.

Users can access the cluster through a graphical remote desktop using the GPL-licensed PowauClient software or through VNC or SFTP.

Credits to use the cluster can be bought in a range of different packages and start at 12 euros for 12 credits with discounts for larger packages. Each credit is valid for a single CPU hour.


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