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Happy birthday: GLUG turns 12

By   |  May 7, 2009

At 11:18am on 7 May 1997 the first ever message was posted the the newly-formed Gauteng Linux Users Group (GLUG) by Jason Van Aardt. Today, GLUG celebrates its 12th birthday. Browsing through the archives of the first couple of days of GLUG’s life turns up a number of well-known names that have played a role in the growth of open source software in South Africa including Oskar Pearson, Evan Summers, Anton de Wet, Nols de Wet, Gary Colman, Ryan Armstrong and others.

Today, GLUG runs a number of mailing lists including glug-chat, glug-tech and glug-jobs and remains one of the most popular and active Linux user groups in the country.

Here is a list of other user groups in South Africa as well as across Africa.

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