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Finally, the real open source iPhone killer is here

By   |  May 31, 2010

Forget the Android devices, the Symbian ones and all the other iPhone-killers out there, this is the real deal. The device, which has freely available, detailed CAD design drawings, is guaranteed to kill the iPhone.

The iPhone killer is a stainless steel-headed mallet and is a project by designer Ronen Kadushin who has released the designs under a Creative Commons licence. Kadushin says that not only are the designs open source but the iPhone killer is “compatible with all iPhone models, also the future ones, and with iPads”.

Ronen Kadushin: Open design and the iphone killer from robertanderson on Vimeo.

Via Wired


One Response to “Finally, the real open source iPhone killer is here”

  1. DonaldK
    June 11th, 2010 @ 10:00 am

    Rumour has it that compatibility with a host of other brands is good, too.

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