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University chooses Ubuntu for training

By   |  June 23, 2005

Johannesburg\’s Wits University School of Computer Science has chosen Ubuntu Linux as the platform for Linux training course it is running this week – and for others in the future. The university previously used either Red Hat or SuSE as the basis of the courses it runs for users and beginner sysadmins.

According to Adi Attar of the computer school the course is a hybrid user/basic sysadmin course that caters for a range of people from those that have never seen Linux before to people who have installed in their departments and would like to know more.

The school of computer science has given this course for a number of years now under various guises to different groups of people from academics to government employees.

Attar says the course is largely distro-neutral \”but the software management part corresponds to the distro we are demonstrating on. In the past we have given this course on RedHat, Suse and now, for the first time, Ubuntu. We intend to conduct this course regularly in the future.\”

The Linux Fundamentals course run over three full days and includes both theoretical and practical components. The course is a hybrid users and system administrators course, aimed at individuals wishing to run Linux on their personal workstations or home computers. It differs from a traditional users course in that it provides some basic system administration skills necessary for installing and maintaining a standard Linux workstation. It is not however intended as a fully-fledged system administration course.


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