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Linux Holdings adds Durban to training line-up

By   |  June 23, 2005

The roll-out of Linux Holdings\’ training in Durban is now complete and training starts in earnest from 4 July, says Kin le Roux, communications director at Linux Holdings. \”This is the third such roll-out. The first two were Pretoria and Johannesburg. Durban has much to offer the open source community and we have much to offer Durban,\” he says.

Alan McKinnon, training director, says they are \”very excited to be able to introduce our services to the people of Durban and surroundings. My mission of producing LPI-certified Linux administrators will continue in Durban and later this year in Cape Town.

\”Our core focus is training but we do have another agenda on the table : make SA the number one example of the sheer power of open source.\”

The company will offer Linux administration courses and courses at the Durban facility. They will also be hosting mass LPI examinations in the area as well as LPI cramming sessions and assessments.

McKinnon will start the Durban centre off with a Linux essentials course on 4 July.

Administration functions will still be done from the head office in Johannesburg.


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  1. Zamani H
    January 31st, 2008 @ 1:39 pm

    Hello I have always wanted to be part of a local LINUX community.
    Seeing that Durban hasn’t much of the linux community I know of.

    I grab this opportunity to be part or a member of this community.
    I got programming skills in C/C

    Im 19 years of age.

    consider me in.

    My e-mail is provided.

    just in case.:

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