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Customised CD speeds up Linux migrations

By   |  June 30, 2005

South African Linux service provider Synaq has developed and introduced to market a custom-built CD that automatically configures multiple networked terminals during a conversion to a Linux environment.

The company recently used the \”kickstart\” CD – called ShrinkWrap – approach to migrate an entire call centre network across to Linux.

Synaq marketing director Yossi Hasson says the company has been careful to ensure that the CD and installation process is straightforward. \”This is a custom Linux installation that is ‘ShrinkWrapped’ to accommodate the exact requirements of an organisation. All applications, profiles and configurations are included – there is no user intervention required.\”

“We specifically designed ShrinkWrap as an alternative to the complicated technological migration process and customisation that would normally be required in a typical conversion project. Linux and open source software offers the same advantages and practical tools as Microsoft. However, there is a perception that conversion to a Linux environment can be costly. This is not necessarily true and we have devised a solution that really augments the practical qualities of Linux and what it can do in specific environments,” says technical director David Jacobson.

“One of the key qualities of this product is that it can be easily customised to the requirements of the client,\” says Hasson.

\”For example: the customer requires a Linux distro to be installed, with only Firefox,, their in-house application and all the user profiles restrictions restrictions already set up or a linux server with a custom firewall and in-house application loaded.\”

\”Once the requirements have been defined we customise the solution according to those requirements, package it on to a CD and give the customer that CD.\”

Hasson says ShrinkWrap is ideal for environments that require multiple rapid installations such as call centres, point of sale terminals, and server arrays.

\”Pricing is not based on the number of installations but rather the amount of customisation and time required to build the solution. The customer then can use the same ShrinkWrap disk as often as they like on as many machines as they like,\” says Hasson.


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