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One Laptop Per Child project jumps on tablet bandwagon

By   |  May 28, 2010

On the back of the growing popularity of tablet devices the One Laptop Per Child project is now hoping to produce a sub-$100 tablet device.

Nicholas Negroponte’s non-profit project has been trying for years to build a low-cost notebook for pupils in developing nations. But now the project is shelving the idea of the low-cost netbook in favour of a tablet.

The tablet will be based on chipmaker Marvell Technology Group’s Moby tablet design, reports Associated Press.

Marvell announced a prototype of the device earlier this year and said it costs about $99.

The Moby, which runs Android, was recently shown off and is a lot better looking than the OLPC reference design.

Negroponte said that he is confident that they will be able to keep the device under $100 this time as Marvell “plans to market its tablets widely to schools and health care institutions.

“We want to see the price drop, and volume is the key to that,” Negroponte said.

Via AP, Engadget, Liliputing


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