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Brazil streaks ahead in Firefox World Cup

By   |  June 17, 2010

If Firefox’s personas are anything to go by then the biggest soccer fans, as well as the biggest Firefox fans are clearly in Brazil.

The South American nation is simply miles ahead of its rivals on points in the Firefox Cup, a neat marketing project to boost the Firefox browser.

Rating countries by the number of users installing its World Cup personas, World Cup-themed graphical backgrounds for the browser, Firefox is running its own version of the Cup until mid-July.

At the time of writing the leaders, with more than 6,000 personas installed, is Brazil followed by Germany with almost 3,000. Third place is currently held by Argentina.

The full top ten is:

The first African country is Algeria at 15 with just 111 installations. South Africa, the World Cup host country, is right down the list with just 44 persona installs.


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