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By   |  July 14, 2005

If you\’re a news junkie, or if you\’re just tired of having to open multitudes of pages every day to catch up with your news fix you\’ll like this one. RSSOwl is an aggregator. A what? A news reader able to pick up news headlines from thousands ­ perhaps even millions ­ of news sites around the globe.

It\’s Java based so it runs on just about any platform with Java installed. And, as its name suggests, it deals really well with RSS feeds, but it\’s also able to read RDF and Atom newsfeeds, making it mega-flexible and useful. The Owl\’s best features are its ability to bookmark ­ and categorise ­ hundreds of news sites as well as being able to aggregate as many as you want into a single news feed with all your favourites on one screen. Get the Owl and point it at and you\’re away.

What is RSS? RSS stands for \”Really Simple Syndication\” or \”Rich Site Summary\” and is a way for website owners to publish news headlines in a format that makes it easy for readers to collect, organise and browse them.


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