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Ubuntu calls for btrfs testing on Maverick

By   |  June 21, 2010

Adventurous Ubuntu users can now install test versions of Maverick Meerkat with a btrfs root filesystem.

Ubuntu’s Colin Watson today announced this on the Ubuntu developer list. Maverick Meerkat is Ubuntu’s current development version which is expected to be released in October.

Naturally, because btrfs is still very much in development, this is not a wise thing to do on your production machines. Watson makes this very clear: “This is still NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE and MAY EAT YOUR DATA.” (That’s pretty clear.)

User will need to manually partition their drive and install using btrfs.

Watson writes: “You cannot yet use btrfs for /boot (although we’re working on this), so you’ll need to create an ext3 or similar /boot filesystem. I assume anyone able to use an experimental filesystem can cope with doing that in the installer’s manual partitioner.”


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