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By   |  July 19, 2005

Another great news reader for Linux. As if their aren\’t already enough readers around.

Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) stands out from the crowd for a number fo reasons though. First, it is written for Gnome (my preferred environment) which is a huge advantage. Secondly it is intelligently designed and manages huge numbers of news feeds, each in their own categories, without even the slightest stumble. Actually it does crash every so often when I run it for days, but hey, everyone needs a rest. Apparently this is a problem developers are well aware of and working to fix.

Other than the occassional shutdown Liferea performs better than expected. I have a minimum of 50 news feeds being read at any one point and each categroy, sub-category and feed can holds its own settings. So some sources that only update once a week can be updated weekly while others can be updated hourly. I also enjoy the ability to search all of my news feeds for snippets of information I vaguely remember reading but can\’t remember where.

Liferea does all the standard things that one would expect from a decent news reader: import and categorise news feeds; export feeds lists in XML format; and is configurable enough to read the source site inside the Liferea application or in an external browser.

Liferea also includes counts of all the items still unread (by category and overall) and a pop-up on screen alerts you to new items coming in as soon as they are found.


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