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Virtual call centre runs open source Asterisk

By   |  July 20, 2005

South African voice over IP provider OpenVoice, has launched a fully hosted call centre using the open source Asterisk PBX application. The call centre, which is made available to agents through a Web browser interface, is targeted at mid-sized organisations that are running call centres of five to one thousand seats.

The VoIP-based call centre includes a full management console, information capture and scripting capabilities, as well as voice logging and interactive voice response features for both inbound and outbound call centres. The entire suite of products is hosted by OpenVoice in a secure data centre managed by one of the company’s partners.

To use the call centre organisations only need an Internet connection, a PC and a soft phone.

The benefits, says the company, is that it will allow organisations to operate distributed call centres at multiple sites and even enable agents to work from anywhere in the country.

“While the system’s usability, scalability and advanced functionality are all likely to drive uptake, the true value of the solution lies in the cost benefits it delivers,” says Clayton Hayward, chief technical officer at OpenVoice.

Hayward says an enterprise-level call centre typically costs millions of rands to run each month. OpenVoice\’s hosted centre will be charged at R500 per user a month, says Hayward, making it significantly cheaper.


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