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Ugandan Linux guide to be used at Cape access points

By   |  July 21, 2005

Last year the department of computer science at the Uganda Martyrs University produced the first Easy Linux guide. Now the guide, designed to introduce users to GNU/Linux and the popular free software applications, is to be translated into Afrikaans and Xhosa and distributed in the Western Cape as part of the Smart Cape project run by the provincial government. The guide wil also be made available in its original English form.

The guide is a fully illustrated guide for Linux beginners and gives learners a solid grounding in the popular Linux desktops and applications. The guide, released under a Creative Commons licence, can be downloaded from the East African Centre for Open Source Software.

One of the authors of the guide, Victor van Reijswoud, says the guide has attracted a lot of attention and has been used throughout Uganda. \”Recently, a teacher\’s guide has been added and sample exams were issued for adopters.\”

\”The book builds on our experiences at Uganda Martyrs University in Nkozi, Uganda,\” says Van Reijswoud. \”This is the first university in Africa that had the courage to migrate its client desktops to free and open source software. Through this important step the university gave us the possibility to gain experience by introducing large numbers of students to the use of computers with free and open source software.

Now, says Van Reijswoud, the team has signed an agreement with to develop a South African version of the guide. \”The new guide will be based on Open Office.org2 and will include localised examples. The translated guide will appear in three languages: English, Xhosa and Afrikaans.


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