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Synaq adds open source VoIP to service line-up

By   |  July 21, 2005

South African open source and Linux company Synaq has added the open source Asterisk voice over internet protocol (VoIP) PBX platform to its array of services.

\”We\’ve been piloting an Asterisk solution for the BRS call centre for the past two months,\” says Synaq\’s Yossi Hasson. \”The pilot was implemented successfully and they were literally blown away, and so were we.

\”We actually stumbled on Asterisk in November last year trying to find a voice recording solution for one of our customers. From there we identified it as a solution that fits in with what we as a company believe are \’flexible solutions\’\”, he says.

\”During the two month period we trained up our guys on Asterisk, understanding the technology. We didn\’t have any telecoms experience or skills behind us and only Linux technical skills so it was quite a large learning curve for our guys,\” says Hasson.

Hasson says Asterisk is very similar to Linux in that it is extremely customisable, flexible and can be installed on standard Intel or AMD hardware, reducing costs significantly.

\”So for us it was simply a case of learning the technology and now its a case of educating our customer base about it and the benefits,\” says Hasson.

\”We believe that Asterisk is going to be the next killer application for call centres in South Africa, especially with all the VoIP hype at the moment and the built in features like voice logging and predictive dialling that Asterisk already supports.\”


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