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Open source school admin tools released

By   |  August 19, 2005

The SchoolTool development team has announced the release of new versions of the open source administration programs SchoolTool 0.11 and SchoolBell 1.2.

The software enables school administrators to manage shared resources like computer labs and audio-visual equipment through a web-based calendar system. Staff members and learners can generate personalised timetables using the software.

The Shuttleworth-funded project has had a tumultuous history, having been canned in mid-development at one point in 2002 and then completely rewritten by a new development team. At one stage, South African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth even tried his hand at writing the code himself, in an attempt to get the project back on track.

After realising he couldn\’t go back to the \”good old garage days\”, Shuttleworth hired a new team in 2003 to develop the project in Python/Zope.

\”These releases are particularly important, as they represent the branches of code that will be used and supported in the coming school year,\” wrote project manager, Tom Hoffman, in the release announcement.

\”We will offer bugfix support to SchoolTool 0.11 through the next year, so schools can count on a stable product.\”

A \”full student information system\” release is also scheduled for April next year.

Hoffman said that with this release the team had \”managed to clean up lots of user interface and permissions glitches that cropped up in the release candidate process.\”


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