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Mandriva-style control centre for Ubuntu

By   |  May 28, 2010

It’s called the Ubuntu Control Center (UCC) and it’s a clean, simple way to manage your Ubuntu desktop machine. Sure, it’s not a lot unlike the Gnome Control Centre, but it does have a cleaner look to it. And we all know that Mark Shuttleworth has been going on about how less is more.

Inspired by Mandriva’s tool of the same name, The Ubuntu Control Center is a one-stop tool for managing important configurations on Ubuntu. While UCC mainly relies on Ubuntu’s existing configuration tools, which it launches from its simplified interface, it does also include a few third-party applications; things such as Hardinfo, Boot-up Manager and Font-Manager.

Installing UCC is a two-step process:

You’ll need to download font-manager and install that. It’s best to dowload the .deb file and install it using GDebi or at a command line:

sudo dpkg -i font-manager_0.5.3_i386.deb

Next, download the actual Ubuntu Control Center .deb package from here and install that with GDebi or at the command line:

sudo dpkg -i ucc_i386.deb

Not impressed? Perhaps you should give the Gnome Control Center a try. To do that click on the System -> Preferences -> Main Menu item in the menubar. In the opened window select System in the left-hand panel and then tick the Control Center option in the right. The Gnome panel has a lot more going on in it but it’s an equally cool tool as the Ubuntu Control Center.

There is already some discussion on the Ubuntu Brainstorm site about including the Ubuntu Control Center in future releases.

Via UbuntuGeek


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