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Easing into open source

By   |  December 17, 2002

Want to try out open source but not ready to dump Windows, yet? TheOpenCD project yesterday released version 1.0 of a collection of open source software that runs under Windows. The collection, which includes the likes of, Abiword and FileZillla, is meant to ease users into the world of open source without requiring they toss out Windows.

“The disc allows let users try out open source software in the comfort of their own, familiar operating system, rather than having to take the drastic step of reformatting their hard drive to install Linux or BSD,” says Henrik Nilsen Omma, founder of the project.

The collection is intended for non-technical computer users although it is just as likely that more experienced users will be equally attracted by the relatively comprehensive collection on one disc. Also, more experienced open source users are likely to use the collection to encourage others to adopt open source.

Copies of the CD can be downloaded from TheOpenCD site.


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