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Rectron: Open source the next big desktop thing

By   |  October 21, 2005

Zandre Rudolph, business manager at IT distributor Rectron, says open source software is now ready for commercial use at desktop level, due to publicity over the last year thanks to the work of the likes of the Go Open Source campaign. Rudolph says this has resulted in an increase in the adoption of open source software by South African businesses.

\”From the distributors\’ perspective this has opened doors to new markets and opportunities. The support of open source by Rectron and other distributors in South Africa will add weight to its crusade to gain critical mass and business credibility,\” says Rudolph.

\”From Rectron\’s point of view, open source represents a sound investment in a technology that is gaining momentum. We have launched our open source initiative by throwing our weight behind the Suse 9.3 version of Linux.

\”It\’s a platform with wide appeal, addressing users ranging from small and medium businesses to home users and even software developers who want to set up a network or run a Web server. It includes installation media and is available at a nominal charge with free support via Novell.\”

Rudolph says Rectron selected Suse 9.3 because it is able to provide a complete set of desktop applications, including an office suite, a Web browser, an instant-messaging function as well as a multimedia viewer and graphical software.

\”These packages are fully compatible with all other common office packages, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and desktop publishing and even project management applications,\” he says.

\”The time is right for open source software. The price of personal computers is falling dramatically, creating opportunities for dealers to address a new breed of potential customers who were previously unable to afford a PC.

\”For very little additional outlay, these new users can opt for open source software and gain access to a variety of desktop applications as well as an Internet connection.\”

Rudolph says the company is also working to ensure its other product lines are compatible Suse Linux. Currently, all of its modem products have been approved to work with Suse.


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