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Nominations open for SA\'s first open source awards

By   |  October 24, 2005

Tectonic has launched South Africa\’s first-ever open source software awards to recognise the software most loved by Tectonic readers as well as the SA companies they most respect.

\”The first-ever readers\’ awards are very exciting and important,\” says Tectonic editor Alastair Otter. \”The past year has seen phenomenal growth in the uptake of open source software in South Africa. As a publisher we witnessed this growth through the huge growth in readership on the site as well as the very positive response the magazine received on its launch.

\”With a great year of open source software almost behind us we decided to give readers the opportunity to tell us — and the rest of the world — what they love and hate about open source software,\” says Otter.

\”The heart of open source software is the community, and we hope that the Tectonic Readers\’ Awards will contribute to the local community.\”

Nominations for the awards are now open and will remain open until 31 October 2005.

The awards cover a number of different categories. Some of the categories are for software that South Africans feel are the best open source applications, although these applications don\’t necessarily have to be developed in South Africa.

With the growth of the Linux operating system there are also a number of awards categories for readers\’ favourite desktop environments, server systems and desktop systems.

Nominations are also open for readers preferred hardware for running open source operating systems such as Linux.

The third key area, says Otter, is the section recognising the local IT industry and its support for open source software. \”For a number of years now the proprietary vendors have argued there is a lack of local support for open source software,\” says Otter. \”We don\’t believe this is entirely true and there are many companies doing excellent work in this area. With this section readers will be able to tell us who they believe is doing a good job and who is not.\”

Nominations for the awards will close at the end of October and then a panel of Tectonic writers and contributors will draw up a final nominee list for each section. Voting for the final winners will be opened at the start of November and will run for two weeks.

\”The awards are designed to recognise what Africans like about free software. We hope the awards will reflect the specific experiences of South Africans and give others a sense of what it is that makes SA software what it is,\” says Otter.

\”We urge all readers to get involved. This is a unique opportunity for Tectonic readers to express their preferences and in the process tell the rest of the world what it is they love about free and open source software,\” says Otter.

Nominations for the awards can be made here.


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