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Durban DJ wins YFM Open Source Mix

By   |  October 26, 2005

The winner of the Creative Commons \”Mad Half Hour Open Source Mixes\” competition has been announced.

Nathan Redpath, who used the alias \”KingBabar\” during the competition, won the competition with his mix \”Gassed Up\”. In doing so, he walked away with an HP laptop, International Computer Driver\’s License (ICDL) open source training and DJ mentorship with Yfm\’s club mixer DJ Monde.

The competition, which was run by popular youth radio station Yfm in September and October, was an initiative to discover new mixing talent while advocating the use of Creative Commons-licensed music.

Six exclusive tracks were provided by artists DJ Fresh, Askari, Safemode (AKA Richard da III), Zskils, The Dirty Neons and Ja Assaga. Entrants could use the tracks and the available sample loops on music-sharing portal, ccMixterSA, in their remixes.

Redpath, who lives in Durban, is the member of two bands and has been working with beats for the past three years. He says working in the music industry has always been a dream for him. \”I thought I\’d just give it a shot,\” says Redpath.

He used samples from Askari and Zskilz for his tracks and \”did a lot of sampling\”.
Redpath used the competition to give his new Durban-based record label, Rufinery Records, a bit of exposure. \”In Durban there\’s a lot of talent, which is why a few of my colleagues pulled together to produce the track, Gassed Up,\” he says.

DJ Monde, who will be providing mentorship to Redpath, says he has potential. \”I think Redpath is talented big time,\” enthuses Monde.

The mentoring will be focused on studio work and improving Redpath\’s technical skills, adds Monde, who is no stranger to open source himself. \”I have been using open source software for mixing for a long time and have never experienced any difficulties as such,\” he says.

Director of Creative Commons South Africa , Heather Ford, says, \”It was really great to get a high profile radio station like Yfm involved in a competition such as this one.

\”It was important to get people on the streets to see how they can legally mix music.\”
Artists were encouraged to attribute the free material they used, which is part of the attraction of Creative Commons.

\”Attribution is vital and there is no incentive for not attributing your music samples, which is probably why people don\’t try to get away with not attributing,\” says Ford.

Entries uploaded to ccMixterSA are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 South Africa licence , which allows the public to copy and distribute the music, make derivative works (e.g. remix it again) and even make commercial use of the work, as long as they attribute the author in each case.


2 Responses to “Durban DJ wins YFM Open Source Mix”

  1. Luck Claude Mathe
    October 27th, 2005 @ 12:00 am

    No! Commments as such I\’ve been following the the hole thing on YFM,The open Source has done a good job by providing all this programs for SA Youth who cant afford and the YFM DJ Monde with the help by takin the young man along,DJ Monde he\’s well known is the World of Dance Music globaly and he\’s good on programme when he makes music

  2. al
    November 3rd, 2005 @ 12:00 am

    The open source mix was a good project to start with, what\’s next? where can I find more open source music software. Thanks 4 supporting SA music.

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