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Women to promote open source in Africa

By   |  October 31, 2005

The third Women\’s Electronic Network Training (WENT) Africa event will take place in Uganda in December. The focus for the event is the promotion of awareness and support for free and open source software (FOSS) in women\’s organisations in Africa.

Hosted by APC-Africa-Women, WENT Africa\’s workshops are designed to help African women\’s organisations utilise information and communication technologies in social development and policy advocacy.

The Kampala, Uganda event, which runs from 5 to 10 December, follows a FOSS for Women workshop in the SADC region, which was hosted by Women\’sNet in 2004.

WENT says that the reasons for its focus on open source technology include its low-cost royalty- and license-free nature; the accessibility of the source code which allows for modification for particular contexts and languages; the freedom from dependency on particular vendors; the collaborative nature of open source; and the fact that it is recognised as being more secure and stable than proprietary software.

The workshop\’s primary objectives are to stimulate awareness and adoption of FOSS solutions among women\’s organisations in the region, and to deepen the understanding and skills among women technicians in providing technical support to women\’s organisations in the assessment, adoption and use of FOSS applications within women\’s organisations.

APC-Africa-Women has partnered with WOUGNET, Women\’sNet, Linux Chix Africa, Isis-WICCE and AITEC Uganda for the event.

The first WENT Africa workshop was held in 2003, and focussed on the strategic use of ICT.


One Response to “Women to promote open source in Africa”

  1. Gerard W
    November 1st, 2005 @ 12:00 am

    MORE Power 2 U All! But, pleeeeez, do not forget to seriously include the Women outside of your fine organisations!
    I experience this everyday, even in the \”opensource\” community, & I have yet 2 come across an all-inclusive organisation that operates without exclusion of ANY person!
    So grab this unique opportunity & start slaying,\’cause \”here, definitely, b dragons\”!

    Gerard W

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