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Exchange alternative to cut costs

By   |  November 25, 2005

Linux services and training company Linux Holdings has added the open source-based Bynari Insight mail server to its services. Bynari Insight is a complete Microsoft Exchange server replacement.

Linux Holdings MD Kin Le Roux says Bynari integrates 100% with Microsoft Outlook and comes complete with migration tools for Exchange 5.5, 2000 and 2003.

\”Typically a 25 user licence with one year telephone support, free updates for a year and installation, will cost less than R10 000,\” says Le Roux.

\”A Bynari Insight server will cost a fifth of a typical Exchange server and include a host of other features including Jabber instant messaging, spam control and anti virus software.

\”The server also includes as standard a remote exchange connector so remote users can log into the exchange server via a web browser that gives the same look and feel as Outlook 2003 with all the same functionality as the local outlook users for example calender sharing and contact lists.\”

\”One of the big reasons for us going with Bynari is the support structure. Unlike Microsoft Exchange charging an compulsory yearly licence fee, Bynari do not charge yearly fees. You however do have the option to renew the support and upgrade contract yearly for about R2800 a year, which gives you free telephone and upgrade support,\” says Le Roux.

The Bynari Insight server is an IMAP server running Apache for the control panel where the administrator can add accounts, set mail quotas, disable mail going out of the company and the like. Postfix is used as the mail transport Agent (MTA).

\”Because it is an IMAP server all IMAP-able email clients for example Kmail will also work. A new release with iCal support is on its way and all iCal compliant calendering clients like KOrganiser will also be able to share calenders for example with Outlook clients.

To promote the Bynari Insight server, Linux Holdings will be adding introductory Bynari modules to some of its existing Linux training courses.


One Response to “Exchange alternative to cut costs”

  1. Tomasz Chmielewski
    November 27th, 2005 @ 12:00 am

    There are many more alternatives, one of them is Kolab, which can be easily integrated with Samba (same users for Samba and Kolab).

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